Have you ever been to Madrid?

If so, how would you describe this beautiful city in one word?

For me, the word architecture comes to mind. Why you ask? Because each and every building is beautiful in it’s own way.

Here are a few examples:

Even when the weather is gloomy, the buildings are still beautiful!

I really love architecture and was really impressed with the beauty of every single building in this city! We were staying off of Gran Via, which is basically the city centre of Madrid so we were very lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful architecture!

On one of our many walks around the city, we discovered a beautiful indoor market called “Mercado San Miguel”. It was so wonderful! They had all sorts of gourmet stands as well as “bar like” seating around the stalls. The ambiance was great! You can buy stuff to bring home or you can go have some goodies along with a beer or a glass of wine. A real MUST if you ever plan to go to Madrid!

One of my other favourite places in Madrid was the park “El Retiro”. It’s a really big park in the centre of the city. You can just walk around or grab a book and go read for a few hours. Very peaceful!

As for food, my two favourite restaurants (we only tried a couple) were the restaurant that our host recommended for Paella; La Barraca and an Indian restaurant (of course ;)) called Indiana Aroma. Both were very delicious and very authentic!

We found a bunch of other great looking restaurants but only had 6 nights!

We would definitely go back to this great city and I hope you get to visit it eventually as well!



March 31, 2013