Let’s talk Organic – The big elephant in the room when it comes to fresh food purchasing.

Ok – I have to admit, I am a big granola when it comes to food.

Yes, I choose to inform myself on the options available and always try to pick the healthiest of them.

Like most of you know, buying everything organic can be very costly.

That’s why I am writing this article today.

Pesticides are in (almost) everything we consume on a daily basis.

Freaks me out BUT since I can’t control the world (as much as I would like to;)), I try to control what goes in our bellies at home!


First off – You don’t have to buy everything organic! To avoid 80% of most chemicals and pesticides used to produce fresh foods, follow the following two lists!

It all comes down to knowing which vegetable or fruit gets the most chemicals and buying them organic.

Here’s a list of the fresh foods you SHOULD be buying organic:


Apples – More than 40 different types of pesticides and chemicals are used to grow apples. Crazy right? But it doesn’t stop there people! Apple juice and applesauce are also full of pesticides so keep that in mind next time you buy any of it!

Celery – Great lunch snack for your kids, make sure you buy it organic since more than 60 different kinds of pesticides were found in it when tested!

Cherry tomatoes – One of my favourite things during summer; good in anything (mainly fresh salads), but full of pesticides. Buy organic!

Cucumbers and Zucchinis– again, veggies that are always in my salad or in your kid’s lunches! They make the list!

Grapes – My all time favourite snack – FULL of pesticides! Look at your grapes next time you buy them – they are coated in a white residue. What do you think that is? Our friends the pesticides! Makes the list!

Nectarines and peaches – One of the best fruits ever when ripe! Makes the list!

Potatoes – Although I mainly use sweet potatoes, potatoes are so versatile that we all love them. Again, full of chemicals!

Strawberries and blueberries – I eat them every single morning! Nearly 60 different chemicals and pesticides! Such small fruits!!! Buy organic!

Leafy greens – Mainly Spinach, Kale, Lettuce and Collard greens – They are so healthy for you but buying them without the organic badge only counters the good effects! Buy organic!

Sweet (and delicious) bell peppers! Nearly 50 pesticides. Organic please!


On a more positive note, the following veggies and fruits are LOW in pesticides so you are good to go buying them “conventionally”!

1- Onions
2- Pineapples
3- Avocados
4- Sweet Corn
5- Asparagus
6- Mangoes
7- Papayas
8- Cantaloupes
9- Kiwis
10- Eggplants
11- Watermelon
12- Cabbage
13- Grapefruit
14- Mushrooms
15- Sweet potatoes
16- Sweet peas

So with this information on hand, you can make “smarter” decisions when in comes to grocery shopping and ensuring you ingest as little pesticides and chemicals as possible!

Enjoy my lovelies!

Alex -xox-

Info found on: eatingwell.com, thedailygreen.com, mindbodygreen.com


  • Great advice and tips on how to pick these out! Thanks Alex!

  • Great advice and tips on how to pick these out! Thanks Alex!

  • No, Alex, organic does NOT mean pesticide/chemical free.

    In fact, unless you buy from a local farmers tailgate market, the chance is almost 100% any certified organic produce you buy will have been sprayed. Also, there is NO standard in the National Organic Program (NOP) regarding pesticide residue. Despite strong support during the comment period for such a standard, the USDA did NOT include such a standard.

    All the NOP does is restrict the use of pesticides to ones on its approved list. And, that depends on enforcement. And, the USDA’s enforcement of the NOP standards has been terrible. Also, there is the problem of fraud which is widespread.

    Thus, you need to buy local AND check out those from whom you buy.

    How do I know this is true? Because I’ve been working for 23 years reviving local healthy food. Look me up on the web. I have a very uncommon name so almost everything you will find is actually about me.