We love wine.

France is full of amazing vineyards and great wines…soooo naturally, going vineyard hopping had to be part of our plan!

Our first vineyard to visit in the Bourgogne area was in Vergisson.

Karl had done some research to make sure we would visit the real good winemakers of the region. That’s why we visited Le domaine Barraud.

We had told the owners about our visit in advance so Martine was waiting for us when we got there. Lovely lady!

We were lucky enough to try almost every single wine they produce.

The below picture shows the estate. Cute little place surrounded by grape vines.

The view from the estate. I think I could live here, what do you think?

We initially went to taste their Pouilly-Fuissé but ended up loving the Saint-Véran as well! Yum!

Picture of Vergisson

The view again. Wow.

I don’t think you can buy their wine anywhere but you can surely order by email! Their Pouilly-Fuissé and Saint-Véran are truly amazing!




June 4, 2013