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Fresh Oranges from Sevilla

Let’s talk Organic – Buying Organic Fresh Produce

Let’s talk Organic – The big elephant in the room when it comes to fresh food purchasing. Ok – I have to admit, I am [...]


Onion, the “Healing” vegetable

Onions, Onions, Onions!!! Let me just start by saying there is a LOT of information about onions online! Some people absolutely despise them… as a [...]


Ginger, the superfood

Rooting for ginger First of all let’s demystify something before we start on this gingery post. I bet some of you may question my choice [...]


Beets : How to Pick and Store Them

Beets…I have to admit that they were never on the top of my veggie list before but when you prepare them the right way, Beets [...]


Vegetable of the month: Eggplant!

One of my good friend, Stephanie, was telling me how I forgot to change my “vegetable of the month” so in her honor, I have [...]

coffee beans

Happy International Coffee Day!

I love coffee!! everybody loves coffee! For me, coffee is not only a beverage that I love, it’s more than just the taste. My mom [...]

swiss chard

Get more Magnesium in your diet!

Sometimes, when I read about all the different things I need  to consume in a day I get  overwhelmed! This much of this, that much [...]


Fun Facts about Cashews

Not too long ago, I had placed a fun fact about strawberries on Twitter. Did you know that strawberries are the only fruits with the [...]


How to pick a good orange

  I always thought the nicer the colour,the better the quality. Turns out that since the orange is sometimes dyed with food colouring, you can’t [...]