I have to say that Seville is one of my favourite cities we have seen so far!

Why? Well it is of course very beautiful but there’s more to it than it’s beauty. It’s about the overall “ambiance” and the SMELL!

Imagine a city with orange trees all over the place. No Kidding. It’s exactly like that in Seville!

It makes the whole city smells like pure freshness!

Ok I might be exaggerating a tad but you get my point. It smells good!

I have to admit that the weather might of had something to do with my Seville crush. We started our journey in Barcelona followed by Madrid; both beautiful cities but in February, it’s cold! So, as you can imagine, the 15 degrees celsius we were getting in Seville were more than appreciated!

Another amazing thing was Seville’s city parks. I sometimes find myself being a bit of a hermit, spending hours parked on a park bench, reading. That’s another reason why I love this city so much! Beautiful and peaceful parks! We also spent a lot of time reading on the side of the water. The view was just so beautiful!

Yes, we in fact did a lot of hanging out on patios and park benches, working or reading and of course, taking the sun in!

Did I mention my love for reading? 🙂

We were lucky to be there in the “low” season so it wasn’t storming with tourists because I think it would have lost a bit of it’s charm. We were able to take pictures of amazing areas without having hundreds of people in them 🙂

Just like Madrid, the buildings were beautiful!

One day, while aimlessly walking around town, Karl saw a cool building on the other side of the river (a.k.a the new town). I thought it was an old factory but I was completely wrong! Good thing Karl insisted on us going to see it because we found this magical place!

We found a small bar called Alfalfa that served cheap and decent tapas along with cheap and decent wine! It was a very tiny place so you always had to move people out of the way to find a standing spot in the bar but there was something nice and different about it. The servers were very nice with us so needless to say, we came back a few times during our stay!

The pièce de rĂ©sistance for me (and Karl as well) was the evening we had at a restaurant called La Azotea. I wrote an article about this restaurant a few weeks ago simply because it was too amazing to wait! I had to write about it asap! eheh…

Here’s the article, if you’re interested in seing the beautiful food they served us!

On that note, I will leave you to dream of your future trip to Seville!

Until we meet again, dear Seville!



March 29, 2013