Food Inc.

January 25, 2012

Wow…I just started reading this book (It has been on my night table for months but I wanted to enjoy a couple more months of ignorance because ignorance is bliss (sometimes). But once you know, you know. And I am starting to know and understand where my food comes from and I am telling you people…it is scary! I mean, no wonder we are seeing more diseases and cancers!

Anyways, all I am saying is that everyone should read this book. Everyone should understand how food is produced and how the information we get from big food manufactures is twisted and manipulated. We have to start asking questions and choosing better products!! I know the price tag might be different but down the road, the medical bills won’t be as expensive as if we continue eating the way we do (I am talking about North America in general here!).

Anyways…I could go on for days because this is a subject that really captivates me but here is a summary of the book that I found on, where you can purchase the book.

Food, Inc. is guaranteed to shake up our perceptions of what we eat. This powerful documentary deconstructing the corporate food industry in America was hailed by Entertainment Weekly as “more than a terrific movie—it’s an important movie.” Aided by expert commentators such as Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser, the film poses questions such as: Where has my food come from, and who has processed it? What are the giant agribusinesses and what stake do they have in maintaining the status quo of food production and consumption? How can I feed my family healthy foods affordably?

Expanding on the film’s themes, the book Food, Inc. will answer those questions through a series of challenging essays by leading experts and thinkers. This book will encourage those inspired by the film to learn more about the issues, and act to change the world.

Go ahead and buy this book! This has to be on your list of books to read this year!!!

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  • Hilary

    I recently watched the film Food Inc…and I agree, it was beyond insightful and also, slightly terrifying. We recently located a local butcher, who is dedicated to raising healthy animals, who are grass fed, hormone free and (just as importantly) treated humanely. It takes a little more planning when you can’t buy your meat out of a grocery store, however I believe the benefits are well worth it! Great movie (and clearly book as well!)! I have recommended it to anyone who will listen!

  • Alex – I Adore Food!

    You are so right Hilary!
    Everyone needs to take the time to research and make better and healthier choices when it comes to food! :)