Turnip and Potato wedges

Baked Cajun Turnip and Potato Wedges

I love potatoes. Mashed, Fried (I know..), Boiled, doesn’t matter, I would eat potatoes every single day. So when Brendan from Eating Well Ottawa asked [...]


Pinchos, Barcelona style

A year ago today, Karl and I left for Europe. It was the best time of our lives. So you can only imagine how nostalgic [...]


Cranberry & Rosemary Crackers {Gluten Free}

If I could eat cheese with crackers on a daily basis, I would. Love that stuff! I also have friends and family members who love [...]


Sweet Potato Chips

I won’t lie to you, I have no will power when it comes to chips. Crispy & salty? I’m gone! So since avoiding chips is [...]

pralines 3

Sweet Praline Bites covered in Chocolate

I love bite size food. Anything really. I just find it so cute and for some reason, I don’t feel as guilty eating them! Cute. [...]

bruschetta appetizer

Bruschetta, Bocconcini, Basil and Prosciutto Appetizer

Warning! If you only want to eat 2 pieces, make 2 pieces because I swear to you, whatever amount of will power you have, it [...]

roasted garlic and shallots appetizer

Goat Cheese, Roasted Garlic, Cranberry Compote Appetizer

SO. EASY!!! SO. GOOD!!! Steph (My friend) and I went to this restaurant called Milestones and we had a super amazing appetizer there. When you [...]

Sweet And Salty Roasted Nuts

Best Ever Roasted and Candied Sweet and Salty Nuts

If I was stuck on an Island by myself, and I could only bring one thing with me, it would be a huge bag of [...]