Gluten-Free Banana Brownies with Avocado Ganache

So I think I’m on my 5th or 6th brownie recipe on the blog… What can I say, I love me some brownies! These are [...]


Mini Coffee Meringues

Meringues are so versatile. You can add pretty much any flavour to them and they will still be delicious. My personal favourite is Pavlova. But [...]


Valentine’s Day Linzer Cookies

It’s Valentine’s day. Valentine’s day makes me think of chocolate. Chocolate makes me think of Hazelnut Linzer cookies. When we were in Europe, Karl and [...]


Chocolate Cherry Muffins

Chocolate and Cherry got together and got busy. And out came these muffins. Yes please. Then I ate 20 in 3 seconds. But they were [...]

chocolate mousse

Chocolate Tofu Mousse (with raspberry coulis)

I tend to overbook our life. All. The. Time. (ask Karl). Which means that i’m always running around, trying to get a meal together at [...]

granola bars

Peanut Butter, Cranberry and Chocolate Granola Bars

Oh granola bars. How you make me happy when I’m starving at work! (which is pretty much all the time, but that’s besides the point!) [...]


No Bake Coco Choco Granola

Do you eat granola often? Karl and I eat it almost every morning along with a bowl of fresh fruits and yogurt. Now have you [...]


Hazelnut and Vanilla Cake

So…it’s really hard for me to bake in the apartments we rent. Not everyone is a major foodie apparently! I am having the time of [...]


Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies

Oh brownies. Who can ever resist them? Well I can’t! Life’s too short to live without eating brownies right? righhhhht…. So! For New year’s Eve, [...]

close up

Double Layer Chocolate and Coconut Raw Fudge

Chocolate craving anyone? If you didn’t have one, you sure will by the end of this post! This recipe is amazing! Raw, organic, easy, fast [...]