Whole Wheat Waffles with Cherry Compote & Whipped Mascarpone

Waffles Waffles Waffles!!!!! So I had way toooo much caffeine this morning. And ate a few (4) waffles. With whipped mascarpone and greek yogurt and [...]

Healthy Granola

Healthy Chia, Coconut and Cherries Granola

What do you eat for breakfast? Now if you’re going to mention that you don’t eat breakfast, give yourself a tiny (a good one!) slap [...]


Maple Raspberry Jam {with Chia}

I love my friends. I learn from them on a daily basis. This recipe is a great example of that. The other day, my friend [...]


Healthy Organic Oatmeal

I have an obsession. I’m sure Karl would hurry to say that I have many but that’s irrelevant and frankly, just sassy talk. Recently, I [...]


No Bake Coco Choco Granola

Do you eat granola often? Karl and I eat it almost every morning along with a bowl of fresh fruits and yogurt. Now have you [...]


Lemon Oatmeal Pancake with Fresh Lemon Curd

Mother’s day is coming and I am far,far away from my beloved mother! What to do?! I can’t cook for her but I can dedicate [...]


French Toast (with baguette)

I remember eating french toasts once when I was a kid. They were soggy and eggy, which are two of my less favorite things in [...]


Brie and caramelized Shallots Puff Pastry Brie Tart

Every time I pass in front of the Puff Pastry aisle at the grocery store, I almost have to run not to stop and grab [...]

savory crepes

Savory Crepes stuffed with Brie, Ham and Asparagus

Who said crepes were only for breakfast? The other night, I was not really in the mood to make food (I know, this NEVER happens). [...]

eggs benedict rancheros

Eggs benedict Huevos Rancheros Style

I just made this recipe an hour ago and all I can say is : YUM!!!! This is to die for (if you like mexican [...]