Tool of the month: My Ice Cream Maker

October 4, 2011

Tool of the month: Ice Cream Maker

I can’t tell you how happy I was when I first got my Ice Cream Maker! I always thought that Ice cream was quite hard to make until I saw a chef on the Food Newtork, a few years ago, making ice cream in no time!!!

This ice cream maker is just fantastic. I did some research before buying it to make sure I wasn’t buying a cheap one and almost every website said to go with the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker.. so that’s what I did! You can make up to 1.9L of ice cream in it and it just works like a gem! I have never had any problems with it!

So far, I have made many Ice Cream recipe (I will post my favourtie one soon), Gelato and Soberts and they were all to die for! Making it is quite easy, you just have to be patient for it to set in the refridgerator! :) The Ice Cream maker also comes with a recipe book!

Since I got this Ice cream maker, I have not bought ice cream once! I just make it myself :)

Go on and make your own ice cream! The stuff you buy at the grocery store has a whole bunch of preservatives! Homemade is all better! :)