Vegetable of the month: Eggplant!

October 4, 2011


One of my good friend, Stephanie, was telling me how I forgot to change my “vegetable of the month” so in her honor, I have decided to write about one of her favourite thing to eat: Eggplant.

Eggplant is actually a fruit but people use it as a vegetable.

Did you know that early varieties of eggplants were smaller and white, resembling eggs? (hence the name) 

Back when eggplants were first discovered, people thought that consuming eggplant caused insanity so it only makes sense that the consumption of eggplants was close to none, along with tomatoes (also thought to be poisonous).

When eggplants were brought to North America, they were used as table ornaments and not as actual food!

Even if we can get them year round, eggplant’s prime time is August and September in the United States. Always look for a nice and shiny eggplant, no bruises or wrinkles. Make sure it is heavy for it’s size. Wrinkly skin shows that the fruit is old, therefore it will have a bitter taste.

The smaller the eggplant, the thinner the skin and the sweeter, more tender and less bitter it will be!

Try pressing your finger lightly against the skin of the eggplant. If it leaves a light imprint, it is ready for consumption but if it is too soft, as I said before,it is old and therefore bitter.

My favourite dish with eggplants is an indian dish called “Bhurta” or “Bharta”. It’s a very flavourful tomato based dish and it’s amazing! I found a Bhurta recipe on All Recipes’ website and it’s quite good but I haven’t found the perfect recipe yet!

Here’s the link to the recipe:—bhurtha/detail.aspx

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  • Teresa Barat

    Try Prasad cook book’s recipe for Baadal Jaam….amazing! Fry roundels of brinjal, place on a baking tray, in a pan, sautee, sliced onions, tomatoes and cilantro to make a masala, just lightly sautee, say two onions and three tomatoes and a handful of cilantro with salt and chilly powder, put this on your roundels of Brinjal, top with greek yoghurt or a spicy curd dip and bake in a medium oven for twenty minutes. AMAZING. I am an Indian and I am telling you, the taste is lovely