My sister, Elyssa, works in a cheese shop and since she started working there (about a year ago) she has been making us taste a lot of different and delicious cheeses. Once a month, we go to my mom’s house and Ely makes us try new cheeses. We are just loving the experience!! I have decided to start writing posts on wine and cheese pairing since the cheeses she’s making us try are so amazing that I have to share them with you AND because wine is always good with cheese!

I love wine but I am no professional Sommelier so I have contacted Meg from Maker’s Table who works for Bonny Doon Vineyards to help me pair a wonderful wine with every great cheese I try.  So once in a while, you will be able to learn about a new cheese as well as a great wine!

Remember the Baked Brie Appetizer recipe I posted not too long ago? Well I sent my recipe to Meg for her to find a great wine to serve it with and in no time, she sent her recommendations! She is so great!

She said that this recipe is a difficult one to pair with a wine because the cranberry preserves is sweet, the Dijon as a sour and pungent taste and Brie is savory and buttery with a chalky rind. All of that in one bite!

All of that being said, here is what Meg recommends us to drink with this cheesy appetizer (in Meg’s words):

I think what’s called for here is a bold red with a good backbone, one that will stand up to the fruit and savory elements and cut cleanly through the richness of the dish.

I would opt first for a New World Carignane from California. The wine has earthy notes of black currant, blackberry, olive, and plum, but with good acidity and, depending on the élevage or aging protocols, will have more or less prominent tannins.

Wine recommendation #1: Bonny Doon Vineyard’s ’09 Contra Old Vine Field Blend, which is mostly old-vine carignane from Contra Costa County (~$14)

Wine Recommendation #2: Ridge Vineyards ’09 Buchignani Ranch Carignanewhich is an old-vine carignane from Sonoma County (~$26).

Both wines have strong savory elements but great acidity that will help keep the richness of the dish in check, but are also good by the glass during a cocktail hour when this dish might be served as an appetizer.



I hope you enjoy my recipe and Meg’s wine suggestions!! Let us know what you think!

July 18, 2011
October 17, 2011