How to pick a Cantaloupe

A couple of weeks ago, one of my readers (Hi Jody!) asked me if I knew how to pick a good and┬áripe┬ácantaloupe. Here’s how to [...]


How to test your eggs for freshness

I’m a baker so I use eggs like women change outfits before going on a first date so I rarely have to test my eggs [...]

make brown sugar 2

How to Make Brown Sugar

EASIEST. THING. EVER. You don’t have brown sugar at home? Make it yourself! Ahah….I sound like a commercial…but really! Make it yourself in 30 seconds! [...]

cookie jar front

DIY Christmas Gifts: Cookies in a Jar

YAY it’s December!!! It’s probably my favourite month of the year, not because the days are getting shorter and because it is progressively getting colder [...]


How to Preserve Fresh Herbs

I know that some of you are lucky enough not to have to deal with cold weather and snow but I do! This summer, my [...]


How to keep apples from browning

You know when you have to use fresh apples without cooking them ( Apple salad) and they just turn brown in two seconds? Well I [...]

How to make fresh pasta step 1

How to make fresh Pasta

I know a lot of people think that fresh pasta is hard to make but it’s not true! You do need to have patience because [...]


How to pick a good orange

  I always thought the nicer the colour,the better the quality. Turns out that since the orange is sometimes dyed with food colouring, you can’t [...]

Copper pot

How to make your copper pots shine again (the natural way)

I love my copper pots but they do stain very easily. Now, I know there are a lot of cleaning products for copper out there [...]

Brown Sugar

How to Bring your Brown Sugar back to life!

Sometimes, when you put your brown sugar away, you don’t close the container perfectly and your brown sugar gets dry. (Happened to me quite a [...]