Verona, Italy

June 1, 2013

Verona, Romeo and Juliet’s city.

How could we not go?

Karl has always been a fan of Shakespeare so off to Verona we went!

What an adorable city!

The square where lies the opera is just bursting with energy! Cafés and restaurants all around, people talking and laughing. It was really great to be there!

Of course, we had to go see Juliet’s House! In Europe, people place locks all over with their names on it to show their love (as a couple). It was so cute to see this never ending fence of lockers under Juliet’s balcony!

The waterside is so pretty as well!

Verona is only about an hour away from Venice so if you ever get the chance to go to Venice, you should really do a day trip to Verona!





  • Mk2 cool

    Wow would love to live there but still like my country in Britain