Everyone dreams of going to Tuscany.

The food, the wine, the scenery and the beautiful people…

But when you look at Tuscany on a map, it can be hard to choose where to go! Everything is so beautiful, how can you choose?

Well, let me show you where we went and when you are lucky enough to plan your own trip to Tuscany, keep my articles in mind!

First Stop: San Gimignano

Why San Gimignano?

Because I had read an article about this village a few years ago and I have always wanted to go since then. As simple as that!

San Gimignano is a small village full of beauty. Travelling to Tuscan villages can be tricky. You need to know that the best way to get from town to town is by bus or by car.

We took a bus from Florence, where we were staying, and it took about 80 minutes.

Ok so San Gimignano is a small village so you can easily walk around for half a day (or a full day if you take a long Italian style lunch). From the village, you have a fantastic view of a typical Tuscan landscape.

The houses are made with old stones, which makes for such an adorable little village!

The village is surrounded by a path on which we walked to see the beautiful scenery. Since we were off season, we got the entire path to ourselves. Quite the romantic walk I tell ya!

The following picture was taken from San Gimignano’s best view point. Incredible.

Tuscany is all about beautiful scenery. Walk around, relax and enjoy life!



May 4, 2013