Karl and I were so excited to go to Portugal!

We went to Lisbon first, which was beautiful but Porto, oh Porto!

First of all, that’s where they make Port, which is enough to get me pumped up to go anywhere (we’ll get to that later)! The wine was delicious and the city was just incredibly beautiful!

We were lucky enough to get great weather for the second half of our stay in Porto (we stayed for a week).

I can vouch that weather does affect the way I see a city. When it’s rainy, cold and gloomy, Alex doesn’t like it all that much! When we got to Porto, it was cold, rainy and gloomy for the first few days. I was not a fan! But when the sun came out, so did the colours!

I’ll let the pictures show you what I mean by that!

This blue and white tile design is very typical of Portugal.

The orange rooftops are very popular in Porto!

Just like in Lisbon, the buildings are full of colours! Love it!

Beautiful buildings are all around the city!

Did you know that the following bridge was built by Gustave Eiffel, the creator of the Eiffel tower? Cool eh?!

This is the amazing view you get from standing on the bridge!

See how blue skies make everything better?

Another great thing about Porto is the proximity of the ocean! We walked from the centre of the city to the ocean in an hour! The ocean side is also part of Porto. The area facing the ocean is where all the famous soccer players live a.k.a the richie rich area of Porto!

This is the view they get when they sip on their coffee in the morning so I kinda get it!

When it comes to food, I am sad to say that I was sick for most of our trip to Portugal so we didn’t get to try out different restaurants.

Karl did try the following though!

This is a “Nata”. It’s a small creamy custard tart and it’s very popular in Portugal. Let’s just say that Karl would’ve ate one after every meal so I guess the Portuguese are right to love this delicious treat!

Enjoy and I hope you get to discover Portugal sometime soon!



April 16, 2013


  • Jota

    Yeahhhh, that’s my city. 🙂

    Lucky, the sun came out.

    Come everytime you want, great pics!!

  • Jota

    Yeahhhh, that’s my city. 🙂

    Lucky, the sun came out.

    Come everytime you want, great pics!!