My Favourite Tea: Mighty Leaf Tea

October 9, 2011

mighty leaf article picture

When I say that I love tea, it’s an understatement.

When I was in fashion school, my friends would call me Alex Tea because I would always be drinking tea. There are so many different types of tea and different variations! It’s an endless world of discoveries for my taste buds and I love it! I have so many books about the different kind of teas; how to make them grow, where they are from and how they are cultivated. I mean, entire cultures are living off of tea cultivation, it’s incredible!!

Enough talking about my obsession with tea! The whole point of this article is to introduce you to my favorite Tea Company: Mighty Leaf. They have such an amazing variety of teas and yet, each and every one of them is delicious and full of flavor!

My two favorite teas are : The Organic African Nectar and the Bombai Chai Tea.

What’s also great about this company is that the tea pouches they use are completely biodegradable and stitched with unbleached cotton! Being the ” earth conscious ” person that I am, this is always a winning argument for me!

Another great thing about the tea that Mighty Leaf makes is that they use whole tea leaves, fruit chunks and spices, which to me shows the higher quality of the product.

Being a businesswoman who can appreciate good branding, I have to say that the overall look of the Mighty leaf company is extremely well done and showcases the high quality of the product.

I believe in encouraging and spreading the word about great companies and great service, which that is why I wrote this article today! I also love to giveaway products in which I believe and that is why I will be giving away 4 tea packages of 25 tea pouches of each of my 2 favorite teas from Mighty Leaf tea!!

I contacted this very nice lady called Kate from Somerset Distribution (which sells Mighty Leaf Tea) and she was kind enough to send me some tea for me to give to 4 of you!!! I will be posting a Giveaway article for you to enter to win soon! I’m so excited and can’t wait for you to try this wonderful tea!!!

  • Mr. Jeff

    I’d love to try this mighty leaf.. I grew up drinking tea at my grandmother’s house. She would always tell me some cool stories while we drank the tea. She is gone now but memories flood my brain when I drink a good tea.

  • Alex – I Adore Food!

    There’s nothing like a good cup of tea :)!

  • Joanne

    Disappointing flavour, poor quality.

    This is not even manufactured in the USA. It comes out of
    North Africa near Libya and is made using slave labour.

    Will put my $$ towards a true American produced product
    instead thank you.