Well… you know me! I like my cheese and my wine, no matter where I go!

So since we are travelling to learn and taste new things, why not start with some good old wine and cheese right?!

In Barcelona, we tried a few Cavas (Spanish bubbly). We drink Cava at home as well (usually when your wine store is out of Prosecco ;)) I think my favourite part was the price! A bottle of decent Cava was about 4 euros, which is about $5.50!! Back home, we usually pay 12-15$ dollars for Cava or Prosecco!

In Madrid, we were lucky enough to have an amazing host who gave us a bunch of recommendations for red and white wines as well as for cheese. He said we had to try Manchego cheese, which is strictly made in the Mancha region of Spain.

You can see it on the map below. The region is right underneath Madrid.

Manchego cheese is good but it doesn’t have a very intricate taste. It would be good melted in an omelet or something like that or served with a marmalade on a cheese platter.

Picture found on www.dibruno.com

As for the wine, we tasted some pretty good stuff when it comes to red wine.

Rioja wine is made in the Rioja region (shown in the above picture) and it’s neighbouring cities like Navarra. The “Reserva” bottles of Rioja are usually better as they are older bottles, but we had some pretty good young Rioja in Sevilla! Our hosts left us a welcoming bottle of wine and it was quite good!

Now on to the white wines!

Our host suggested that we try Verdejo wines since it is his favourite kind of Spanish wine. We tried a few and this was probably our favourite :).

So next time you are buying wine, try a Verdejo or a Rioja!




February 26, 2013