How excited was I to go to Lyon you ask?

Insanely excited!!!!

Lyon is known as Europe’s culinary capital. Enough said right?

Knowing that in advance, we planned to gain at least 10 pounds each in Lyon.

Cheese, bread, pastries, amazing restaurants, etc. You just can’t resist, you have to enjoy every single bite!

And that’s exactly what we did!

First, you have to go to Les Halles Paul Bocuse. It’s a fancy indoor market where they sell the best of everything: Charcuterie, Cheese, Pastries, Oysters, Fresh Seafood, Wine, etc. It’s going to put a dent in your wallet if you buy anything there but it’s worth seeing at least!

In Lyon, there is 3 typical cheeses. Saint-Félicien, Saint-Marcelin and Cervelle de Canut. We loved all of them very much. Cervelle de Canut is actually a fresh cheese mixed with fresh herbs. I will be posting a recipe for this magnificent fresh cheese soon! Here’s a picture of Cervelle de Canut that we took at les Halles.

We caved and had a Praline Tart, which is a specialty from Lyon. It’s a good thing we had will power that day because I would have bought the whole store! These were so goodddd!!!!

After eating this amazing tart, we wandered around the city.

In Vieux-Lyon, there’s quite a few Ice Cream Parlours. We found one that made it from scratch and had an amazing selection! It was even Organic! I was sold before even tasting the ice cream!

Karl took Salted Caramel with Nougatine. OH MY GOD it was fantastic!!!

On another sunny day, we decided to go see a bit of nature. We found this nice park going up to the Basilica. It was stunning and the view was great!

Lyon has ”Bouchons” which are typical Lyon style restaurants. They serve dishes that are typical of the Lyon region.

We checked online for reviews because we didn’t really want to go to a super touristy area and we found this place called Café des Fédérations.

The restaurant ambiance was really laid back and so were the servers. They were friendly and far from pretentious, which was very nice. We ate like kings and rolled out of the restaurant. We had some good wine and great food and the bill didn’t give us a heart attack which is also very nice!

Karl had the Andouillette and I had the Quenelle, which are two popular dishes from Lyon. It was delicious!

And as always, the best for last, we had a “Coup de Coeur” for this little café-restaurant called Le Marmot.

It was awesome. Young professional kind of crowd with delicious food, great drinks and coffee. Loved the style and ambiance so we went back often during our stay in Lyon. Check it out if ever you go!

Thinking about this place makes me crave a good café au lait!




June 1, 2013