Wow wow wow!

I never thought I was going to love with this city so much!

Erice is adjacent to Trapani. The old city of Erice is actually in a mountain and its castle was built to hang on a cliff. It is literally right on the edge of the mountain cliff.

From Trapani, we went to Erice by cableway. It was very nice to see the city as you went up and up. You could see the valleys surrounding Erice and Trapani as well as the ocean and beaches around. Quite a nice sight!

Once we were up there, we just wondered around, went for lunch, enjoyed the sunshine, and then walked some more around the city. It was really beautiful but I’ll let the pictures speak to you!

This is the view we got when we got on top!

Oh Europe and their endless beautiful churches!

The view as we walked around the edge of the old city!

The castle on the edge of the cliff!

View from the castle

Blue as blue can be!

In love with Erice yet?

A “must add” to your bucket list everyone!



April 16, 2013
April 27, 2013